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How to write a diary entry?

What is Diary Entry Diary means to be written daily. It is basically a record keeper. Special events whether it is pleasant or unpleasant are written in Diary. When you see your diary you personally relate to all the events you had gone through in your life. It preserves our memory. How to write a diary entry? We will apprise you shortly. By reading a diary we can analyse a persons' life very keenly. We can know about his likes and dislikes, his way of living life etc,. If you have read the Diary of Anne Frank you must have known that by just reading a diary you come to know about his/her personality. Purpose of Diary Entry A person who is unable to express his/her feelings in front of others usually keeps a diary. In a true sense, the diary is like our true friend whom we can tell everything. We can preserve our memories by writing them in our diary. Like we look at a photograph and it reminds us of that moment in a similar way by reading our diary we can ret

Last Lesson Summary- Englishtutsforyou

Summary In this, we will cover the Last Lesson Summary. "The Last Lesson" is Alphonse Daudet's short story, set in the days of Franco-Prussian war. Two districts of France was occupied by Germany. According to an order from Berlin, the German language was going to impose on the people of Alsace and Lorraine. Summary of The Last Lesson It was late in the morning when the narrator started for school. He used to fear his class-teacher M.Hamel. Today the teacher would question the students on participles. The narrator even doesn't know a single word about the participles. He had thought of spending time outdoors. It was pleasant weather. But he decided to go to school. As the narrator was passing by the town hall he saw a huge crowd in front of the bulletin board. From the past two, years all the bad news that had come was from there. It was the only place where people got to know about lost battles and other important pieces of information. Usually, when school st

Notice Writing Format

Notice Writing Format Here we are going to discuss the notice writing format. Not only notice writing format but also what is notice writing, how to write a notice, what is notice, tips for notice writing, examples of notice writing, previous year questions and whatnot. What is Notice  A notice, in general, is a written or printed news or announcement of information. It can be a formal announcement of public importance. It can be a written warning in advance. It may be used to give information to a section of people or the whole community. You may have seen notices in newspapers or magazines or more often they are displayed on notice board in schools, colleges or universities or maybe in an organization. Notice can also be found as an advertisement in the column of a newspaper. These are the compact and effective way of communication. In a short time, you can reach a large section of people using notice. Di you know they are like circulars? The only difference is

Summary of Lost Spring- Stories of Stolen Childhood

Introduction  This lesson is a citation from Anees Jung's book entitled Lost Spring Stories of Stolen Childhood. We will cover the summary of Lost Spring in this article. The author analysed the poverty and traditions which torment the lives of innocent children. Whether he is Saheb of Seemapuri or Mukesh of Firozabad, every child labour leads a life of misery and want. Each of them shares the same life, poverty, dirt and exploitation.  Summary of Lost Spring  1. Searching for gold in the garbage  Anees Jung meets Saheb every morning. He usually can be seen scrounging for gold in the garbage dumps. He came from Dhaka. He does not even remember his old home. He is not admitted to a school. There is no school in his neighbourhood. "Saheb-e-Alam" the full name of Saheb. It means lord of the universe. But he does not know its meaning. Roaming on the streets with his friends is his regular job. They have an army of barefoot boys. They can be seen working in the m