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Notice Writing Format

Notice Writing Format

Notice Writing

Here we are going to discuss the notice writing format. Not only notice writing format but also what is notice writing, how to write a notice, what is notice, tips for notice writing, examples of notice writing, previous year questions and whatnot.

What is Notice 

A notice, in general, is a written or printed news or announcement of information. It can be a formal announcement of public importance. It can be a written warning in advance.

It may be used to give information to a section of people or the whole community. You may have seen notices in newspapers or magazines or more often they are displayed on notice board in schools, colleges or universities or maybe in an organization.

Notice can also be found as an advertisement in the column of a newspaper. These are the compact and effective way of communication. In a short time, you can reach a large section of people using notice.
Di you know they are like circulars? The only difference is that circular reaches us through messengers while the notice is read on the notice board of an organization or in a newspaper column.

Tips for effective notice writing

  1. For writing a good notice you should follow the below-given tricks. Here we shall discuss them in brief and you will be able to master them with some needed practice. Try to implement them while writing a notice.
  2. The notice must be written in a very formal and simple language.
  3. Remember notices contain certain announcement or information.
  4. They are brief and to the point.
  5. They have no scope of unrelated and excess material.
  6. Unless mentioned you should write the same date on which you are taking the examination.
  7. The date should be written at the top or at the bottom.
  8. It should not exceed 50 words limit.

Notice Writing Topics

There are numerous topics on which one can write a notice to inform a section of people. Here I have mentioned some of the important topics which you may be asked to write in Examination.


Correct Way To Write a Notice

  1. Write the address at the top from where the notice is being issued (name of the organization/Society)
  2. Writing the date on which it is issued is compulsory.
  3. Writing a subject or heading is preferable.
  4. The notice must contain the time(when), place(where), event, and relevant information.
  5. Mention the name of the issuing authority and his designation on the left side.
  6. Last but not least it must be written in the box.

Format of notice Writing for Class 12

Notice Writing Format

The format is given below. It is the standard format which is relevant for all the student irrespective of their classes.

Examples of Notice Writing

1.  You are Ravi/Rachna. Cultural society has organized a dance competition at your school. Write a notice, informing the students of your school about the dance competition as you are the president of the cultural society.
Answer     Cultural Society             Blooming Buds’ Academy Khalilabad        NOTICE27 April 20XX          Dance CompetitionThe cultural society of our school is going to organize dance competition. The dance teams of 30 schools are participating in this competition. The programme will commence at 12 p.m. on 30th April. Limited passes. Collect the passes from the undersigned for the guests as soon as possible.
RaviPresident Cultural Society

2. You are Akash/Anshika the cultural secretary of Kings’ George Senior Secondary School, Dehradun. As the cultural secretary write a notice giving the details of participation to the students.
Answer Kings’ George Senior Secondary School NOTICE12 March 20XX              Cultural ProgrammeThe cultural society is going to organize a Cultural Programme on 25th March at 6 p.m. in the school auditorium. If you are desirous to participate you can register yourself in the programme, latest by 15th March. Entries will be for song, group dance, skit and drama. Selection will be based on merit.Anshika Cultural Secretary

3. You are Akhilesh/Vaishnavi. As the secretary of the Science Forum of your school, write a notice in not more than 50 words giving the details of the Inter School Science Exhibition that is going to be held in the neighbouring school.Answer           Science Club St. Thomas Senior Secondary School, Lucknow NOTICE15 January 20XX      Science ExhibitionThe Science Club of our school invites the names of bright Science Students for participating in an inter-school Science Exhibition. The exhibition will be held in the neighbouring school from the 25th of January. Selections will be purely based on the merit. Give your names an projects to the undersigned latest by, 22nd of January.

4. The tour council of your school is going to organize a tour to Mumbai in the Summer Break. As president of the council write a notice informing the students about the tour.

Answer Tour’ Council     Balaji Senior Secondary School, Gorakhpur NOTICE23 November, 20XX         Annual TourA tour to Mumbai is organized by the Tour council in the Summer break. Tour Council invites the name of the interested students with Rs.5500 each to the undersigned latest by 30th November. Names after the 30th November will not be entertained.
President Tour’ Council

5. You are the sports secretary at your school. Draft a notice to inform students about the selection of the hockey team asking for the names of the interested students.
Answer  Sports Club LaxmiBai Public School, Satna NOTICE7 August 20XXSelection for Hockey TeamThis is to inform the students of classes XI and XII, the selection for the school hockey team will be conducted on 19th August at 10 p.m. at the Hockey ground. Those who are interested must give their names before 16th August. Selection will be purely based on the performance of the student on the ground.
Secretary Sports Club

6. You are Sudhanshu/Sakshi secretary, interact club draft notice in not more than 50 words to be put up on your school notice board asking all the club members and other students to join a walk on the world diabetes day to create an awakening among the people about diabetes. Answer                                                 Interact Club Saraswati Vidyapeeth, Nasik NOTICE7 Novemmber 20XX  Walk on World Diabetes DayThis is to inform all the students, Interact Club is going to organise a walk on November 14. The walk will start from Saraswati Vidyapeeth and terminated the bank road Nasik. All the students and club members are requested to join the walk to create an awakening among the people about diabetes.

7. You are Aniket/Anita of class XII of DAV Public School, Gorakhpur. You lost your wallet in the playground of your school. Write a notice for your school notice board giving a detailed description of your wallet. Answer DAV Public School, Gorakhpur NOTICE12 June 20XX Lost! Lost! Lost!Today I lost my wallet in the playground. The wallet of brown colour having a floral design. It is a candid leather wallet. There is Rs. 900 in it and some of my important document also. I will be thankful to the finder and he will be awarded a good meal. Kindly contact the undersigned. 
Aniket Roll No. 12, Class XII

8. You are Hrishant Singh of class XII. You found a wristwatch in the school library. Draft a notice in less than 50 words describing the details of the wristwatch so that the legit owner can demand back from you.Answer        Hitkarini Public School, Jabalpur NOTICE25 July 20XX  Found! Found! Found!I found a wallet in the library lying on the table at 1 p.m. The legit owner can demand it back from the undersigned after giving necessary information about the wallet and its content. For further details contact undersigned.
Hrishant SinghRoll No. 34, XII B 
Notice writing example



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